Accessible Workstations

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, in collaboration with various Offices of the University (Information Systems and Technologies, Inclusion and Accessibility, Technical and Logistics) has equipped three accessible workstations in some classrooms and Departmental spaces: the T.7 classroom, the Digital Lab, and the "Walter Busch" Library.

The purpose of these three accessible workstations is to support the participation of students with disabilities in the various activities of the university training path, including classroom teaching activities, internship activities, and personal study.

All three workstations have been equipped with special accessible desks, electrically adjustable in height and with a folding central top. For each workstation, a high-performance personal computer was purchased, equipped with various peripherals (a facilitated keyboard with large keys, ergonomic vertical mice, and a large monitor) designed to facilitate access and use by the most large pool of users. In the Digital lab, a book scanner has also been set up with software for optical character recognition (OCR) in multiple languages.

The setup of these workstations was possible thanks to the ministerial funding for the realisation of the "The Digital Humanities applied to foreign languages and literatures” Excellence Project.